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After a divorce, it can feel like your life is over. You don't know where to start or what to do next.

Divorce is one of the most difficult things you will ever go through and it's easy to get stuck in a cycle of pain and hurt. You may feel like you will never be happy again.

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I have been where you are and with God's help, I have come out on the other side healed and whole. In my book “Destiny After Divorce” I lay out the steps I took to find the path to healing and how you can do the same.

You will also learn how to support your children through this difficult time and how their lives are different now too.

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"The faith-filled foundational tools that are provided in this book are designed to help navigate the journey from heartbreak to restoration. I recommend this book to anyone who has experienced the devastation of divorce."

-O. Towne

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